Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 12 October 2017 full episode written update: Harak Singh introduces new clause in property papers

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Saumya gets elated to see Harman and Malika asks him if he has got the answer and he shows her some papers and tell them that he has transferred his property to Saumya’s name. Malika and others check the papers and say that papers are all complete and Saumya can go with Harman. Harman asks for Saumya’s hand and Saumya walks towards him along with her belongings. As Harman and Saumya are about to walk away, Varun comes there and apologizes to Harman and says that he had no other option.

Harman asks him what happened and he tells him that Harak has send him to tell him that there is a clause in the property papers which states that till Harak and Preeto are alive Harman can neither sell, lease or transfer his property. Malika tears the papers and the other gurumas asks Harman to leave and says his parents won’t even let Saumya live and he need not suffer for an eunuch. Malika holds Saumya’s hand and Saumya pleads her to let her go with Harman. Varun says Harman would keep Saumya happy but Harman asks him to shut up and that this all is between them and him. Malika asks him to pick the papers and leave.

Preeto tells Harak that he made the appropriate move at the right time. Harak Singh says this generation thinks that Harak will let them distribute his hard earned property to eunuchs.

Balwinder says to his father that he doesn’t want to stay in that house anymore and Raavi has forced him to return her jewellery and money. He adds that if he dares to run away then Harak Singh would find him. He asks Kishan lal to arrange for some money but Kishan lal asks if he has gone mad and says he has grown old and he can’t arrange for anything.

Varun goes to Harak and Preeto and congratulates them. Harak asks him to stop the nonsense as he is the one who created all this nonsense along with Surbhi. Varun says Surbhi had forced him and locked him up in the room and also took his phone so he couldn’t inform them. Preeto slaps him and says she knows he went to the police station. She says now he has to destroy Saumya’s family but they should not be killed. Harak says he will tell him how to do that.

Surbhi and Nani go to Malika’s house and requests her to let Saumya go with them as Surbhi says they also have a right on her and they want Saumya to live with them. Malika says they are about to make her a guruma and are waiting for a good muhurat. Saumya says to Surbhi that she won’t go with them and she won’t become guruma either. She says that if she ever gets out of this world, then she’ll go to Harman. Malika asks them to meet her and leave.

Harman reaches home and Harak stops him and asks if he went there to distribute sweets or the property. Harak says he has earned all this with so much hard work for Harman and he is happily distributing it all. Harak says he is his father and he knows all his moves and now he has to face his father. Harak says till now he was observed his mother’s love but now he’ll see who his father is. Harman starts smiling and Harak Singh gets irritated and says he thinks its a game going on and Harman says he finds it funny that how easily he has named love as a game but is aware of the outcomes of the both. Harak says he wll show him how to play now,

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